The Secret to the Ultimate 007 Clan of All Time

The name says it all...

This is for all you folks who have questions on how to make a server. I'm sure you do not want to pay for a ultra-fast 24/7 server like NO RULEZ has, right? Well, if you do want a server like NO RULEZ and BOT, then go to But, if you want to host a server on your computer for free, then first, download this file:

To set it up, click my computer. Then click C:. Then click Program Files. Then click EA Games, then Nightfire. Open that zip you just downloaded. You may need winzip from Copy and paste the files to the Nightfire directory, overwriting any existing ones. Then open the Server Maker.bat file. Read it and press any key. A server should come up. To configure it, go to the bond folder, and open the server.cfg to change settings, and open maxplayers.txt to change the map cycle of the server.

If your server does not show up in the list, then you need to configure your router. Go to to learn how to do port forwarding ranges of ports for Nightfire

Usually you won't need that site, but if the steps below won't work, then you may need to use that site.

Click start. Then click control panel. Click classic view. Then click network connections. (For vista, you need to click view status, then click view more information.) (For XP, click the Local Area Connection. Then click support). Write down your gateway address and ip address. Type your gateway address into Internet Explorer's address bar (make sure you have http:// before it, example: A page should come up with router or modem information. If it doesnt, then your server should be online without any changes. If it's not, configure your computer's firewall with the ports on this page below. Assuming you have the page up with router/modem information, search for Port Forwarding, Gaming and Applications, Port Forwarding Ranges of Ports, or something close to that where you can add ports. Don't use trigger ports. For the name, call it Nightfire 1, 2, 3, etc. Use the ip address you wrote down. Don't use the ip address that your isp gives you, or what a website tells you it is. Type your ip in there where it says for the port to be opened to. We need to forward the ports (all UDP protocol): 6550 and 26015 and 26025. If you can only add one port at once, then make one 6550, then make another with a new name of lets say Nightfire 2, and then put 26015. You get the trick. Once you're done, make sure you hit finish or whatever it says to do to accept the changes.

Now open your server, and it should come up online in the server list!