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Downloads/Mods/Maps for Nightfire


This pack restores Nightfire to when it was in its stages of being built. During that time, Nightfire was of much better quality. In the final version of the game, most of that quality was taken out. This pack restores that quality. You will notice flying stars in the menus, much like that of the console versions. You will also notice slightly better sound effects, the fonts are nicer, and the highlighted main menu text matches that of the Loading menu. The flashy circle by the side of bond's face is now in front of him, giving it a more realistic look. Also, the Gearbox movie has been restored so that the game will play it when in the movie sequence intro. Lastly, your heads up display (health bars, ammo bars, etc) is now translucent, the way it was planned to be before the game was released.

DOWNLOAD HERE! Render screenshot below.






  • Battlefield 2 Mod. This mod was made by 2GoldenBullet$ in 2007. It is a full mod for nightfire that includes a BF2 menu, BF2 hud, BF2 sounds and more. It is an installer (exe) so all you have to do is download and click next, next, next, until it installs and click finish. It is easily uninstalled by going to the start menu. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! Screenshots below!

Call of Duty 2 Sounds. Contain all new sounds from weapons, to ambient background noise from the game call of duty 2. This is nice to mix with any of the other mods. My favorite to mix this with is the 2110 mod.

Call of Duty 1 Sounds. Contains all new sounds and a couple skins from the game call of duty (the original game):

NO RULEZ Menu: changes the Nightfire menu to a real cool feel of NO RULEZ. Really cool if you are sick of the old nightfire menu.

Nightfire Year 2110 Mod: Gives you the look, sound, and feel of Nightfire in the future: Mix this with the Call of Duty 2 sounds, and you'll be loving nightfire like if it was a new game again.

Nightfire Year 1942 Mod (LINKS HAVE BEEN FIXED!): Gives you the look, sound, and feel of Nightfire in World War 2: <= that is the main mod. after you install that, you must install the hud pack to go with it or you will only have the blue hud. here is the updated hud pack: This is a very ugly mod. I only worked on this mod a few days, and didn't like it myself. I abandoned it in 2005.

Nightfire Music Player Mod: Lets you play music while in the game of Nightfire. Just press numbers 1-9 to play music, and press 0 to stop a song and to switch to another one. There is currently a bug in it that does not let you switch songs if you are playing a single player map and mission-triggered music is played. This will be fixed soon. There is also a bug that won't ever be fixed causing music to stop if anyone dies in a map. Really cool to mix with anything. NOTE: This will disable your console if you have your console enabled via an autoexec.cfg file. In this case, rightclick on your bond icon, click properties, and copy and paste this to the target box, with the quotes: "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire\bond.exe" +console 1

Mya Nightfire Menu Music: Changes the nightfire menu music to Mya, the main theme to 007: Everything or Nothing Pretty cool, but only changes the menu music in Nightfire.

Battlefield 2142 Sounds: Makes your weapons sound like the game Battlefield 2142 (very futuristic):

Nightfire DEMO Interface: Makes the health bars, ammo circle, and heads up display look like the beta version of nightfire, and the demo version. Screenshot below.

A few quick skins. For these to work, go to start - run. or if you have vista, goto start. and type run in the search box and then click the run.exe that it finds. copy and paste this to the box and click enter: c:\program files\ea games\nightfire - now navigate to bond folder. then if you do not have a models folder, rightclick and select new - folder. name it models. make another folder inside it called textures. then save these 2 files to that folder (models\textures) but don't change their names!

Sniper Rifle

 Lens for all weapons, such as scopes. You won't notice the false color around it in the game. Mix this with the sniper skin above, and you will be loving your sniper rifle!

Some mods below are repeats from above, do not mind the repeats!

Bullet$ Maps Pack 2 (Updated): 
DM_MagnumJump, DM_UNFtraining, and DM_Gunhouse zip! Place both files in ...\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire\Bond\maps folder to join our server's new map files.
Click Here to download! THESE ARE OLD BASIC MAPS!

America's Army Modification, a full mod for Nightfire:
Made by 2GoldenBullet$ in 2006


CTF_Bullets: map with a flying elevator and rotating doors with sound. Click Here to download. (an old basic map)

DM_Castle: Looks just like a miniature castle with huge castle towers. Features one elevator, and a thick stairway. Click Here to download. (an old basic map)

Nightfire v1.1 Patch:
The Nightfire 1.1 Patch fixes the bugs that came with the original Nightfire game. In addition to the bug fixes it also has two new maps, Combat Training Istanbul and CTF Space Station. 3dgamers has Nightfire Patch's for all country game editions. English/US/Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish, but here is the English version to download:

Patch v1.1 Fixes

  • Fixed AI bug where view height would sometimes be at crouch level when animation was standing.
  • Game would crash if Q-Specs were on between mission transitions, and some level transitions.
  • Starting a multiplayer game after quitting a single player game with the Q-Specs on would carry over some of the vision mode.
  • Created bond_ded.exe, which is a dedicated server only .exe with no CD check.
  • The 18th server in a list of Internet game servers couldn't be seen or scrolled to.
  • Ammo count limited in US build (was fixed already for European builds).
  • Exiting rocket mode before the rocket detonated would alter players view if they had been wearing the Q-Specs before firing the rocket.
  • Made it easier to take photos of the girls in Austria party room.
  • Fixed the jumping animation for players in multiplayer games.
  • Removed "say" and "say_team" commands from single player game.
  • Took explosion physics off subdued enemies at rest.
  • Added the multiplayer Combat Training map Istanbul and CTF map Space Station.
  • Updated issues in the game:
    The current Radeon 9000 drivers (4.14.0001.9076) cause various graphical issues such as: Players, weapons, and other objects are not visible. Sky textures are not displayed and tracer effects appear. Players cannot join 1.0 servers with the 1.1 patch unless they replace the 1.1 client.dll with the 1.0 client.dll from the bond folder.

  • (NEW HOT DOWNLOAD!!)High-Tech Industrial HUD for Nightfire!

    Click Here to download the High-Tech HUD!
    (NEW HOT HOT DOWNLOAD!!)James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing Theme as the Nightfire Menu Theme
    Click Here to Download!

    (NEW HOT HOT HOT DOWNLOAD!!!)Nightfire Perfect Charcoal-Shaded Heads Up Display. See for yourself below! A nice new addition to the Demo HUD, this heads up display just looks good with any other mod you choose to use. It isn't black, but the coloring looks like someone were to draw it with charcoal. 
    Click here to download the charcoal HUD!


  • Sound update for the NF 1942 and 2110 Mods:

  • Click Here to Download the Sound Update v4 for 1942 and 2110 Mods!
    YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE \sounds to \sound in the directory installation path for the sound update above!
    (NEW HOT DOWNLOAD!!) Nightfire Sound-Filtered & Color Enhanced Textures. This mod will remove color-blurred images from your textures, making them more smooth, and realistic! Includes gun skins, and character skins! Don't be surprised if you do not notice a difference. Only the players who have played Nightfire for a really long time will notice anything.
    Click Here to Download the Sound-Filtered & Color Enhanced Skins

    Click on the Ad Below to Download the Nightfire Year 2110 v1.2! 

    Or, just click this link: 

    Ligos Indeo Video Codecs XP 5.2 Setup: This allows you to play your game without having to purchase the Ligos Video Codecs. Only some users will need this, unless your computer requires this to play James Bond 007: Nightfire. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOUR COMPUTER ASKS FOR IT WHEN YOU GO TO PLAY! I REPEAT: DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU NEED IT!

    Click Here To Download The Indeo Codecs for Windows XP (link has been fixed)

    Console Installer (from R.A.C):  This file allows you to use the console in the game to change server settings, give ammo, weapons, and items, input cheats, and much more! After installed, press the ~ (tilde) key next to number 1 on your keyboard to open the console. Search in google for James Bond 007 NightFire PC Cheats. Find a site with nightfire cheats on it that has console commands and try some of them in your game!

    Click Here to Download the Console Installer

    Custom Dedicated Script Maker (from R.A.C): This file allows you to make your very own DEDICATED Nightfire server! Once installed, go in start menu -> programs -> rage against the cheat(ers) ->Custom Dedicated Script Maker -> Custom Dedicated Script Maker. Now in CDSM, this is where you customize your server settings. Make sure you put "Hear Footsteps" on so that you can hear yourself walk while you're playing. Once finished using Custom Dedicated Script Maker, go to start menu - programs - rage against the cheat(ers) - custom dedicated script maker - Server 1 to open your server. Once open, type say to talk while outside the game. Example: say welcome to our server.

    Click here to download Custom Dedicated Script Maker

    Custom Mod Maker (from R.A.C): This file allows you to completely customize your bond experience! It lets you add/remove any (or all) of the weapons, disable/enable the GIVE cheat, and disable/enable the GOTO (teleport) cheat. This is one of the finest downloads available for nightfire! Just simply go in start menu -> programs -> rage against the cheat(ers) -> custom mod maker -> custom mod maker. Check the boxes that you want enabled, or uncheck the boxes that you want disabled! Make sure your game and servers are closed BEFORE YOU USE CUSTOM MOD MAKER! Otherwise, it will fail and give you an error message! Thats all! You're good to go!
       Click here to download Custom Mod Maker

    New HUD: This download is one of the coolest I've made yet! It's a new and improved HUD (heads up display) especially designed to look more precise looking. It is reflective, the color is multiblue,and it is a new way to keep you from leaving nightfire from the same old things. 

    Click here to download the new HEALTH MOD!




    Click My Computer on the desktop or start menu. Click Drive C: (or whatever you're main harddrive is and which one your game is installed to). Click EA Games. Click Nightfire. Now click Bond. You should now be in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire\Bond. Once you are in the bond folder, you should see a folder called Models. If there isn't already one there, create one by right-clicking and selecting New... and then selecting Folder. Name that folder Models and open it up. Now you should see a folder inside this one called Textures. If not, do the same process, and make a new folder inside your Models folder called Textures. Now open the Textures folder and place any of the files on this page in that folder. If there is 2 files listed to download, you must download both of the files and place them in the Textures folder. Never name 2 files the same name, as this will mess it up, and it will not work properly. After placing the files you wish to use in the Textures folder, exit that folder and start the game. Your new skins should now show up in the game! Have fun! And remember, it's only a game! 

    RC-P90 from Goldeneye 007 (PDW90 in Nightfire): This will make your PDW90 (machine gun) in Nightfire look as close as possible to the RC-P90 in the first 007 game, Goldeneye. The RC-P90 from Goldeneye was just a modified version of the PDW90 in Nightfire. They are both similar in comparison. Save this file in your textures folder as directed above.

    Click Here to Download the RC-P90

    Golden P99 (The pistol you normally start with in the game): This file is in .exe format. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions when installing, it does the rest for you. The exe will also install the matching silencer and cartridge.

    Click here to download my Golden P99

    Kowloon w/ Red Slider & CNF Logos (Fast Fire Pistol): Save both of these files in your textures folder as directed at the top of this page. Name one v_kowloon and the other w_kowloon




    Armor Plate (says: OVER HERE YOU IDEOT): Save this file in your textures folder as directed above. Name it w_armor_PLATE


    Red/Black Tripmine: Save in your textures folder as directed at the top of the page. Name one v_tripmine and the other W_tripmine



    Grapple Screen w/ Battery Power Indicator, Reception Indicator, Power On/Off Button, New Mail Icon. IS A MUST-HAVE FOR CNF MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save it in your textures folder as directed at the top of this page.  BUTTON SHAPED SURFACE!!! Best when used in 1024x768 screen resolution. This makes the grapple screen clearer and easier to see the letters. To enable 1024x768 screen resolution, go in the options menu of nightfire, then click video. You should see where it says Screen Resolution. Click the resolution numbers until it gets to 1024x768. Now click apply and go back to the game. Your screen should flicker while clicking apply. This resolution makes objects smaller, more compact, and clarifies the game graphics better. It also can make objects more smooth, even if you're not using any Anti-Aliasing settings. If your game begins to be more laggy and the graphics skip and any of that, it's probably because you need a better video card. In this case, go back to 800x600 resolution to resolve these issues. Place this file in your textures folder as directed at the top of this page. Name it v_grapple_screen


    Black Raptor Magnum: This file in is .exe format. Just follow the on-screen instructions when installing. It does the rest.

    Click here to download the Black Raptor Magnum

    Red Armored Vest: Save this file in your textures folder as directed at the top of this page. Name it w_armor_vest


    Rook MP Skin w/Scarred Face from Single-Player Missions: Save this file in your textures folder as directed at the top of this page. Name it Rook_mp


    Golden Grapple Faceplate (Cell Phone Cover): Save both files in your textures folder as directed at the top of this page. Name one file v_grapple and the other w_grapple



    Red & Gold Car-Key Taser: This file is in .exe format. Just follow the on-screen instructions and it does the rest.

    Click here to download the Taser

    Golden Lighter (Camera): This file is in .exe format. Just follow the on-screen instructions and it does the rest. For some reason this mod is not working at the moment. We are working on getting a new one. You can try it, but it probably won't install anything.

    Click Here to download the Golden Lighter

    AWESOME Dark Blue Watch w/ Aqua Number Symbols: This file is in .exe format. Just follow the on-screen instructions and it does the rest.

    Click here to download the watch