The Secret to the Ultimate 007 Clan of All Time

 Ranks - All members must read this

Photo of Private Second Class insignia
Private: The lowest rank. Everyone starts with this rank. Abbreviation: PVT

Photo of Private First Class insignia
Private First Class: Usually after 2 weeks of being a Private, you will be promoted to this rank, depending on how well you have acted. Abbreviation: PFC

Photo of Specialist insignia
Specialist: Can be achieved early after being promoted to Private First Class. Abbreviation: SPC

Photo of Corporal insignia
Corporal: This rank is usually obtained after 2 weeks of being promoted to specialist. No more will this rank get you a job. Read below to find out when you can get a job. Abbreviation: CPL

Photo of Sergeant insignia
Sergeant: Here is where it all starts. After achieving this rank from two weeks after being corporal, you can get a job. Jobs include Remote Console Access (server admin), Website Admin, Recruiter, and Advertiser. The advertiser tells people about our clan. Do not ask to be a server admin (getting the rcon password), or you will be either kicked or banned from NO RULEZ! Abbreviation: SGT

Photo of Staff Sergeant insignia
Staff Sergeant: Receieved after 2 weeks of being sergeant. Abbreviation: SSG

Photo of Sergeant First Class insignia
Sergeant First Class: Received after 2 weeks of being staff sergeant. Abbreviation: SFC

Photo of Master Sergeant insignia
Master Sergeant: Received after 2 weeks of being sergeant first class. Abbreviation: MSG

Photo of First Sergeant insignia
First Sergeant: Received after 2 weeks of being a master sergeant. Abbreviation: SGM

Photo of Command Sergeant Major insignia
Command Sergeant Major: You can pat yourself on the back that you have reached it this far! Only 2 more weeks before you are in charge of NO RULEZ! Abbreviation: CSM

Photo of Sergeant Major of the Army insignia
Sergeant Major of NO RULEZ: Well, you are in charge now! You have control over every aspect of the clan! Remember, 2GoldenBullet$ founded this clan! Abbreviation: *SNR*